About the 
California Institute of Strategic Management ®

The California Institute of Strategic Management® strives to optimize business initiatives for the full range of business professionals, from pre-MBA students to small companies to the business unit level, division level, and corporate level at major corporations.  From insight and strategy to research and analysis to operational guidance, the California Institute of Strategic Management® seeks the best results for your business.  Innovative approaches, as well as “tried-and-true” classic techniques are identified or blended to your unique business situation.

As a proverb says “you cannot set foot into the same river twice”, and as a chess board with a single pawn moved a single square can present an entirely different game with different results, the California Institute of Strategic Management® recognizes that different firms in the same business climate, or even the same firm at different times, can face very different positions.  In any situation, our task is to reach the appropriate optimum.



The California Institute of Strategic Management® was founded by Dan Steinberg, whose experience ranges from product and market strategy for large businesses, to business strategy for small firms, to financial analysis and project management.  Firms Dan has served include Sony and Time Warner, Nextel Communications, Wells Fargo, Philips Electronics, and others large and small.

Dan holds a BSc degree in Physics from George Washington University, an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.  He scored repeatedly in the 99.9th percentile on standardized mathematics exams and competitions, served as Editor-in-Chief of an MBA school magazine, and has played and won games of chess while blindfolded. 

The game of chess in particular combines creative problem solving; staged strategic vision; attention to detail; flexible, dynamic, changing situations; and fundamental techniques— all providing an excellent microcosm of the business world itself.  The California Institute of Strategic Management® utilizes all of these types of techniques and more to help you attain your business goals as easily, effectively, and rapidly as possible.