Business Areas:

Product and Market Strategy

  • How well do your products serve your customers' needs?
  • How is your market changing?
  • What opportunities are available?

Competitive Analysis and Strategy

  • How valuable are the relative strengths and weaknesses of your products compared to your competitors' products and to substitute products?
  • How fast are your competitors improving, and where do they seem to be headed?
  • What opportunities are available?

Technology Trends

  • What technologies will improve your products-- or your competitors' products-- to what extent, and when?
  • Which opportunities are worth pursuing now?

Operational Excellence, Metrics, and
Six Sigma Management Systems

  • How efficient are your systems?
  • To what extent can your costs be reduced while simultaneously improving both your product quality and delivery, as well as your staff morale?
  • How much would these gains boost your competitive market position and your profitability?

Risk Analysis, Scenario and Contingency Planning

  • What foreseeable events could significantly impact your business?
  • How quickly can your resources respond?
  • What costs and opportunities would you find?
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  • Start-ups

  • Small and mid-size firms

  • Business Unit, Division, and Corporate level of multi-billion dollar enterprises 


    Business References:

    “Mr. Steinberg… was involved in making analyses or reports to the top management… These analyses dealt with competitors, markets, technologies, investment proposals and [the] like. When conducting this activity, Mr. Steinberg always made excellent job. The analyses were to the point, and included both the strategic view and relevant detail. For this kind of activity, I would without any hesitation recommend Mr. Steinberg’s capability…”

    -- CTO, major division of large multi-national corporation

    “Dan… was responsible for the preparation of… materials on behalf of a number of clients from a variety of different industries.  Dan exhibited a high level of competence, persistence and professionalism towards all tasks assigned to him.”

    -- President, management consulting firm

    “Special Bonus for Outstanding Efforts”

    -- President, specialty consulting firm