"Functions, formulas, formatting, and shortcut solutions
from one of the fastest spreadsheet troubleshooters in the West"


A Single Function, Formula, or Cell. $24.50

A One-Page Spreadsheet (prints neatly on a single page). May include advanced formula automation. $245.00

A Multi-Page or Multi-Sheet Spreadsheet (prints on multiple pages). May include advanced formula automation.  $495.00

  Delivery is usually within 72 hours, with multi-page spreadsheets usually within one week

  Challenging projects are invited, but prices may vary for unusual requests 

What kind of assistance would you like with your Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets?

•  What should your spreadsheet do for you?

•  What kind of output would you like automatically as soon as you just Copy & Paste in your input?

•  What data do you have available now, and from this data, what actionable business information would you like to gain?

•  What kind of functionality would you need to make your work easier and faster?

What Projects Would You Like to Make Easier, Faster, and/or More Accurate Via Microsoft Excel®?


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